Rally Points can be confusing at first. But this should help make it easy. Rally Points are global waypoints so you don’t have to keep manually telling ships to go to the same point. There are two reasons you normally want to use them.

Building up Starbases with construction ships.
Building up an invasion force.

In this example I have Saturn & Saturn I making Constructors. I have an Economy Starbase because when it gets upgraded it will increase the money I get from freighters going by. It will also give me extra military and social production. It’s a great Starbase to have in your home sector. But if I’m going to make so many constructors I don’t want to have to keep telling them where to go. So I set a Rally Point.

1. Click that little arrow button (or hit ‘P’ on the keyboard).

2. Zoom into where you want your ships to end up, and then click.

3. Create a descriptive name of it like I did (Saturn Economy Base) and click set.

4. You now have a Rally Point! Now you have to tell you ships to automatically go there.

5. Click that tiny little down arrow thing. When it’s yellow it means ships will start off in orbit when they’re made. When it turns blue (after we clicked it, it means a Rally Point is in use.

6. After you clicked that little arrow this box pops up and you can now select the rally point you’d like (in our case we choose Saturn Economy Base). You can have tons of rally points, and now it’s just a process of selecting which planets we want sending ships here! It looks like many steps, but after you do it a couple times, it’s super easy. Now every time a ship is made at this planet, it will automatically go right t the Starbase. Right where we want it!